The club has continued to invest in its facilities to create not only a welcoming environment to all but a growth and development culture for all.

The History of our Club

Our club Two Mile Borris St Kevin’s, FC ethos of community and enjoyment initially stems from the history of two clubs our Two Mile Borris Senior and St Kevin’s schoolboy’s teams.

Senior Team
Two Mile Borris FC was formed in 1971 by a group of youths from the area who created a dam on the river that ran through the Hayes family farm in Ballyerk. Where the lads spent summer nights swimming and playing soccer in the field that lay in front of the dam.The Hayes family was gracious enough to provide the first location at no cost to the club; the first field was lined and goals erected. The club was amalgamated into the Tipperary League encompassing the whole of Tipperary County. Two teams an A and B were registered in the league and thanks to the Hayes family this outlet gave the youths of the district a place to go and play soccer there. From this humble start the club gained success in the following years and proving itself in the newly formed TSDL League in the following years.

School Boys and Ladies 
 In parallel St Kevin’s schoolboy club was formed in Littleton who was based at Murphy’s field in Littleton, and similar to Two Mile Borris gained success through the 80’s and 90’s.
Two Mile Borris Ladies team was formed and they also proved successful by winning 10 leagues titles in a row
The unification of Two Mile Borris and St Kevin’s took place in the late 90’s. The 90’s were a time of change for the soccer club establishing itself forming a weekly Lotto to start gaining funds enabling the club to purchase a new field at what is now known as Newhill Park from the Healy family, this was managed with support from the National Sports Council and TSDL and various fund raising.  Newhill Park is now a modern soccer campus comprising of two full size soccer pitches an Astro Turf practice area; with further capability to expand, available on the club grounds.

 Our community ethos was formed in these early years and the club will forever be grateful to the Hayes family in Ballyerk and the Murphy family in Littleton who provided fields free of charge for many years and gave the club a chance to develop.The club caters and reaches out to all groups, male, female and those who may be challenged to come and enjoy our club.