​​Lotto Terms and Conditions

The funds generated from our weekly lotto go directly into our development account which is used for the sole purpose of developing and maintaining our club facilities and players development.

Tickets for each week’s draw are priced at €2 each and can be got from any of the following location and through our agents whose contact details must be requested via our web site contact page.

An extra 2 weeks free draw if paid on annual subscription.

Locations where available:       

Two Mile Borris                                Horse & Jockey                     Lttleton

Bannons Public House                    Horse & Jockey Inn                Clohessys Garage

Corcorans Public House                                                                   Premier Takeaway

Tullys Gala Shop                                                                                Darmodys Public House        

                                                                                                             Muintir na Tire Hall (Bingo nig

Entrants must chose four numbers and include their contact details. If the jackpot is not won, it rolls over to the following week and increases by €200. In addition, any 3 numbers of the drawn four numbers share in a €200 allocation. These winners will be notified by their respective agents.

Lotto numbers are selected by random via a bingo blower machine held and maintained by Littleton Bingo Club, Muintir na Tire  Hall, Littleton, Co. Tipperary

Other terms and conditions

  1. Final entries by 20:30 on Friday night there after no further entries
  2. Spoiled/overwritten  numbers will not be accepted  
  3. Adjudication shall be by the club Lotto officer
  4. Written request required to review weekly Lotto cards
  5. Lotto draw cards are retained for a tax period
  6. Notice of winning numbers are available on our Facebook page at Muintir na Tire  Hall

 The Two Mile Borris St Kevin’s weekly Lotto is registered and licence Gaming & Lotteries Act 1956-1986 issued by the local authority for such matters.

We wish to thank everyone for their supports by the weekly contribution to our club funds and we wish them success in our lotto program.Type your paragraph here.